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Thursday, January 01, 2015

Happy New Year!

I hope you are all well and happy in the coming year.

T & I actually took the day off today and just relaxed. This has been such an eventful year and sometimes it seems like all we are doing is working. Today, it was really nice to just... not work. We slept in a little, then got up and played some games. Then lunch, more games, and then a long drive to places we'd not been in years--just to see how they've changed. Very relaxing.

Oh, and M came over for a while today, too. That was really nice. She and her bf Ryan also spent New Year's Eve with us. We watched Guardians of the Galaxy. It was over just in time for us to switch to the TV and watch the ball drop at midnight.

I did a little knitting in the dark while we watched the movie. Knitting in the dark goes slower, but this pattern is pretty easy, so I could do it by feel mostly. I knit a little bit more on it this morning while we were gaming, so it's actually almost done now. I just have the crown decreases to go, really. (I know this photo only shows the ribbing. Trust me. I knit more than just that.)

This is the Ribs & Cables Beanie, knit from Purl Essence Sincerly in Sincerely Charcoal Grey. I think Sincerely is a brand made for Joann stores. It's comparable to Lion Brand's Vanna's Choice or Heartland. It's very soft and the colors are really lovely. I love this Charcoal Grey color. I think it's probably my favorite of all the colors available.

This will be a Christmas gift. I am planning to do a lot of gift knitting this year. I was really happy that I was able to do so much during the course of this past year. I think planning ahead and knitting ahead is the way to go. I had (and still have) so much other stress to deal with over Christmas 2014 that it was very nice not to have to stress about the holiday knitting. And I think I was able to knit things I know people liked.

Last year's goals otherwise did not fare so well. I still didn't have time to read (unless you count trade journals and event contracts) or write (unless you count marketing pieces). And I did not do such a great job taking care of my body. Despite my (self) denials, I'm pretty sure I've gained weight, added lines and shadows, and let the rest slide into hell.

I console myself that at least the brain is still a 10. (Not that the body ever was.)


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