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Friday, January 13, 2017

A Tale Of Noisy Neighbors

I live in a duplex. So that means we share a wall with the next door neighbors. The neighbors who lived there when we moved in were not noisy at all. I never heard them. In fact, I commented to T on more than one occasion that the wall between us was so well insulated that I never heard the neighbors. I was really impressed with the way this duplex had been built.

But then, they left and the new neighbors moved in.

Let me just say, they seem to be very nice people. They are always very friendly and courteous, whenever I see them.

But they are loud.

Not voices loud or music loud or party loud or tv loud. Like, slamming doors and banging stuff against the wall loud. Seriously. And it goes on all damned day. At first I thought they were just moving in. Hey, I had a lot of boxes when I moved in. I hope I didn't make that much noise putting stuff away.

But no. They've been here for months and it's still bang bang bang all day long and into the night. How do I nicely ask if they are close to being finished building their whole-house labyrinth?

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Okay, One More Catch Up Post

This one is about painting. Not house painting, but art. Ha! I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, "But Patwoman. You don't paint. Your closest attempt at art was the dry erase board cartoons you drew to advertise the weekly cafe specials at your shop." 

Well, you're not wrong. (But those were some pretty good cartoons.) But as T and I were thinking of a way to celebrate our birthdays in October (4 days apart), we thought it would be fun to do something completely different.

We decided to do a sort of Wine and Canvas Night at home. It was the whole family, plus our friend Don, who was in town for the week. (Too bad Lori wasn't able to take time off work. We miss Lori, too.)

Yes, there was wine involved. That makes it better, right? 

We all decided what to paint on our own, whatever we wanted. That was actually the hard part, trying to decide what to do.

We all have varying levels of skill here, too. For example, T was an art major in college (until he decided to change majors so he could be in my classes) and has a lot of experience painting. 
And Don has done illustration for games professionally, but not with paint. And B is a professional interior designer, so she draws often. M and R have always been artistic, even as children, so they had no problem, either. And RI is an all around creative thinker.

Really, it's just me who lacks the artistic talent, I guess. Which is funny, because all three of my brothers and my mom were all very good at drawing. My drawings all tend to be on the cartoony side.

Oh well. I have many other fine talents.

Here are some of the finished results. I just realized I don't have a photo of RI's so I will have to get that from M.

R and B

M, with her portrait of Achilles.



And my painting.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Post-Holiday Holiday Knitting

I am spending a lot of time these day, especially since I've been so nauseous (although, I feel much better today and maybe might attempt some solid food), watching T play Skyrim while I knit. It works out, because I don't have to pay much attention to either the knitting or the game, really. The game apparently consists of yelling "Shut up, Lydia." and "Oh shit, a dragon."

And the knitting, well, I'm just working on those shark tails I meant to get done before Christmas. And that's all stockinette stitch on big needles. It's slow going for me right now because I'm so flipping tired I keep falling asleep in the chair, and because this Bernat Blanket yarn, although it is super soft and cushy, is not the most slidey of yarns, so it knits a little slower.

Still, I'm clipping along. Hopefully I will have this done in the next few days. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Birdwatching With Achilles

Still sick. Just sitting at home, watching the birds with Achilles. Luckily it's January and I work in retail, so I have only missed one day of work.

See how he stares intently? 
Achilles is happy to have me sit with him as he watches CatTV on the Bird Channel all day. (That's what we call our patio door.) The winter lineup is not as good as the spring lineup, though. There aren't as many of those little birds (finches, wrens, etc) as there are in the spring. And not as much variety of birds. Basically, it's mourning doves, sparrows, and the occasional cardinal.

I've upped the large-seed content of the bird food mix by adding sunflower seeds to the mixed food I already put out. Also, I've added a suet cake (usually with peanut butter or berries) to the channel so that   the birds will move around a lot for Achilles  the birds will have a higher protein diet for the winter.

Oh, and we also get an occasional horrifying visit from a hawk. I believe it's a Cooper's Hawk. Every so often, it comes and sits in this bush across the yard from us and it treats our back porch like Patwoman's All-You-Can-Eat-Buffet. I can tell when the hawk is here because there will be no other birds. 

The neighbors probably think I'm
taking photos of them. Ha!
Or, you know, there will be 40 birds eating and then all of a sudden, 39 will fly away. Poor Bob the Bird will just be looking around like, "Huh?" And all of a sudden, that hawk will snap him up and fly off with him. I know, I know. The hawk has to eat, too. But wow. It is just completely gruesome.

Poor Bob.

And then, for good reason, there will be no more birds at the feeders for the rest of the day.

Luckily, the hawk is elsewhere today. (This photo was taken on a previous day, by the way. It is not nearly this green here now.) Achilles and I have been watching the Bird Channel, and the Rabbit Channel. Maybe later tonight we will also see the Possum Channel?

Monday, January 09, 2017

So Now There's Another Shopping Temptation...

Still sick, but I wanted to share this information with you, in case you couldn't find enough to buy when you shop Old Time Pottery. (Seriously, I tend to just lose my effin mind in that place. Go in for a tablecloth, walk out with tablecloth, pillows, candles, wine glasses, new silverware, a lamp, and a cake pan.)

I went there a while back to get some room-darkening curtains for my bedroom, which is like full-on daylight if the moon is visible at all. While I was carrying the curtains (and the ones for the living room and craft room and the new pillows I might as well get) I noticed this:
Mostly discontinued stuff, but some Simply
Soft, Sashay, Homespun, Heartland, and
other Lion Brand, Caron, and Red Heart.
 Yes. An aisle of yarn. At Old Time Pottery.

This is mostly older, discontinued lines of yarn, but still some good buys there. Mostly Lion Brand, Red Heart, and Caron, but also some other stuff, too. I really looked at the LB Heartland, because I really like that yarn. I finally walked away because the king size pillows in my arms were getting awkward to hold with the three packs of curtains I don''t really need any more yarn.

These kids are for hats and scarves and include
the matching pompoms.
Don't worry. I resisted. Still working my yarn diet, which has proven to be more successful than any other type of diet I've attempted. (But, you know, the current I-can't-eat-without-puking-diet is also working pretty well.)

Circulars and straight needles by Lion Brand,
plus some latch hook kits and accessories.
There are also some yarn kits, like these hat and scarf kits, and some knitting needles. These are in practically every color, too. This would be a great place for someone to go to get some kits for a Girl Scout Troop or something.

There were also some latch hook kits, though only 3-4 designs of them. But there were a lot of those latch hook precut yarn packages, too, and the hooks for latch hooking.

I was also surprised to see Lion Brand knitting needles at OTP. They had mostly larger sizes and all were the plastic kind, which I don't especially love, but I was thrilled to see some larger circular needles for afghan knitting. It was especially interesting to find #35 circulars there. I might have to come back and get some of these.

I "might" need these.
One last photo. Unrelated. On the way of the store, they have these displays set up with various room scenes. And I saw this on the shelf. I don't know. I just like it.
I just find this pleasing to look at.


Sunday, January 08, 2017

Patwoman's Nuts (Crackers)

Still sick, so I'm taking the easy route going to catch you up on some holiday crafting I did this winter.

First of all, I'm very lucky that our family is so close. We get together on the holidays, all of us. If we had no other traditions than that, it would still be good.

But, we have begun some new traditions as well. One of them is the Thanksgiving craft. This was so much fun that I want to do something similar every Thanksgiving. We each had a little unpainted nutcracker that we got to paint however we wished.

Check them out:

As you can see, we each had a different vision. These are RI's, T's, B's. M's (yes, that's Achilles), R's (Deadpool), and mine. They are all the same size, btw.

I had fun painting mine, but as you can see I had a little trouble getting the eyes right. My nutcracker looks a little crazed. Or terrified.

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Saturday, January 07, 2017

I'm Sick

Let me just sum up how I feel:

I don't know what this is--some kind of stomach virus or something. Where did I get it?

Who knows? If I had a nickel for every time a customer at work touched everything they could reach (repeatedly) and then told me "I've been sick all weekend. I just had to get out of the house." or "I'm so sick, I didn't go to work because I don't want to infect all my co-workers," or something like that...

Well, if I had a nickel for every time that happened, I probably wouldn't have to work anywhere.

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