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Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Game Of Thrones 2019

Yeah. Like another year before it returns. I'm kind of angry and kind of ambivalent about it now. I mean, do we still even care about Game of Thrones?

Sure, I've already said that it's the best show on TV. And I still think the writing is exceptional. As a writer, it's rare that a story can surprise me. And GoT tends to surprise me sometimes. Not all the time, mind you. But sometimes, at least. And I like that.

That's why I get so bent out of shape when people spoil things for me. Because I like the surprise. And I think it's extremely rude to tell someone what's going to happen when they've already told you they like the way the show can surprise them.

But lately, I've been frustrated with GoT. It's mainly the production schedule. I just feel betrayed by waiting a year and a half in between seasons. I don't care if you're waiting on snow (there's fake snow, there's CG...) or sets to be built (there are plenty of union-certified workers who are ready and willing to take on the job) or scripts to be written (18-24 months is a ridiculously long time to write 6 or 7 or however few episodes they have left.) I think there is an unspoken contract between a show and its fandom that the show won't take advantage of the fans' loyalty by making them wait a year and a half or two years in between seasons.

Frankly, I've forgotten so much about what happened last season that I have very little motivations to watch next season. There's no tension. There's no "What's going to happen?"  No "How will this turn out?"  No "Who is behind this?" Nothing.

Maybe that makes me a disloyal fan, because I find myself not caring a whole lot about characters I had cared about previously. But I also think it makes the production company disloyal to the show's fans. It's like they're drug dealers and the show is the drug. They hooked you on the show at the beginning and now they just want you to beg for it at the end. And you're going to beg a long time for it, too. 

But here's the thing... I and all the other fans have had to go cold turkey without that drug. Some of us have passed through the withdrawal phase and now won't get hooked again.

If I'm being honest, I'm probably going to watch this last season anyway. I feel like I've invested so much time into this show that I have to. And I will probably enjoy it. But I will also not make a big deal about watching it on Sunday nights. It will just go into the DVR and I will watch it when I get time.

And I'll probably not be getting bent out of shape about spoilers, either. I just can't get that interested in it again.


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