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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Fabulous Winter Ensemble

I knitted this winter ensemble for The Fabulous Miss A. Didn't get it finished in time for Christmas, but I did mail it to her as soon as I could. She's 9 now, so I didn't want to do something super kiddy for her. But I wanted something fun.

So this is a basic 1X1 ribbed and fringed scarf, with matching mittens. These are Quick Bulky Mittens by Aimee Pelletier. The yarn is Loops and Threads Charisma, but I can't remember the colorway. And somehow that label got tossed.

The colors kind of remind me of ice cream. (Or maybe that's just me?) But what really impresses me is the way these mittens matched up in colors. Like perfectly. I was going to just force them to match, but cutting the yarn in the appropriate spot. But I didn't have to. When I finished the first one, I was in the perfect spot to start number two.

Look at them! That's impressive. Or lucky. Whatever.

I also threw in a DaBomb Bling Bomb bath fizzy with a jewelry surprise inside, because I thought it was cool. I also thought the whole DaBomb story is cool, so if you get a chance, go read that. Two teenage entrepreneurs. It's a great story.


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