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Monday, January 09, 2017

So Now There's Another Shopping Temptation...

Still sick, but I wanted to share this information with you, in case you couldn't find enough to buy when you shop Old Time Pottery. (Seriously, I tend to just lose my effin mind in that place. Go in for a tablecloth, walk out with tablecloth, pillows, candles, wine glasses, new silverware, a lamp, and a cake pan.)

I went there a while back to get some room-darkening curtains for my bedroom, which is like full-on daylight if the moon is visible at all. While I was carrying the curtains (and the ones for the living room and craft room and the new pillows I might as well get) I noticed this:
Mostly discontinued stuff, but some Simply
Soft, Sashay, Homespun, Heartland, and
other Lion Brand, Caron, and Red Heart.
 Yes. An aisle of yarn. At Old Time Pottery.

This is mostly older, discontinued lines of yarn, but still some good buys there. Mostly Lion Brand, Red Heart, and Caron, but also some other stuff, too. I really looked at the LB Heartland, because I really like that yarn. I finally walked away because the king size pillows in my arms were getting awkward to hold with the three packs of curtains I don''t really need any more yarn.

These kids are for hats and scarves and include
the matching pompoms.
Don't worry. I resisted. Still working my yarn diet, which has proven to be more successful than any other type of diet I've attempted. (But, you know, the current I-can't-eat-without-puking-diet is also working pretty well.)

Circulars and straight needles by Lion Brand,
plus some latch hook kits and accessories.
There are also some yarn kits, like these hat and scarf kits, and some knitting needles. These are in practically every color, too. This would be a great place for someone to go to get some kits for a Girl Scout Troop or something.

There were also some latch hook kits, though only 3-4 designs of them. But there were a lot of those latch hook precut yarn packages, too, and the hooks for latch hooking.

I was also surprised to see Lion Brand knitting needles at OTP. They had mostly larger sizes and all were the plastic kind, which I don't especially love, but I was thrilled to see some larger circular needles for afghan knitting. It was especially interesting to find #35 circulars there. I might have to come back and get some of these.

I "might" need these.
One last photo. Unrelated. On the way of the store, they have these displays set up with various room scenes. And I saw this on the shelf. I don't know. I just like it.
I just find this pleasing to look at.



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