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Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Christmas 2016 Recap #3

Well it wouldn't be Christmas if we didn't have scarves, would it? I knitted a few for this past holiday.

Like a beautiful, delicious jelly roll!
This one was for M. She actually picked this yarn out herself, but she never saw it being knitted.
Sometimes, all you need is garter stitch.

This is just basic garter stitch, but the yarn is Caron Cakes Rainbow Sprinkles. I love this yarn. Did I mention? Now I know it's trendy because it's a limited edition yarn, but that's not the reason I like it. It's soft, like Caron is known for. But it's firmer than most Caron yarns. So it holds it shape really well.

But yeah, the colors. The colors are fantastic. I bought a bunch of this yarn in a bunch of different colorways. I can't wait to use it again!

This model is not T, by the way.
I also tried Lion Brand Scarfie Yarn for the first time. Let me just say, it's super soft. And it looks beautiful on the skein. But knitted up, it is breathtaking! Look at this scarf I knit for T. The color is called Charcoal Aqua.

This pattern is a deep rib and seed stitch from Classic Elite Yarns called Sinful Ribbed Scarf. It was an easy pattern to memorize and a pretty quick knit. I'm so pleased with how it came out. I mean, look at it!

T loved it. He has worn it every cold day since Christmas.

I like the ombre effect of this yarn.
B's scarf is the Gothic Lace Cowl (Scarf) from Tin Can Knits. Love this yarn, too. It was labelless yarn I got from Michael's a while back, so I don't know exactly what it is. (I think it's Red Heart Unforgettable, though.) It's extremely pretty, though. And soft. Are you sensing a theme here? I like soft yarn?

The actual colors are a bit darker and
deeper than this photo shows.
Well, who doesn't? This pattern is very nice, too. It's lacy, but the halo of the yarn keeps it from being holey, if you know what I mean. I actually really liked the way this looked pre-blocking, but I did block it to let the lace open up.

I also knit this scarf for my friend Amanda. This is a garter stitch and moss stitch pattern, using Red Heart Boutique Chic in Ivory. Boutique Chic is a pretty cool yarn, like a thick, soft chenille with random fur pompoms.  This yarn is no longer made, but you can still find it here or there. (Like in my stash. I have it in my stash.)

Usually, I'm okay with the random placement of the pompoms in this yarn. It adds a little whimsy. But this time, I had something specific in mind for them. So the first thing I did was cut off all the pompoms and save them for later. Then I knitted this scarf on Size 15s. This is a super bulky yarn, so I think the 15s give it a bit of a drape.

After knitting it (I used the whole skein) and weaving in the ends, I sewed those pompoms along the ends, instead of fringe. I love the way that looks!

I also crocheted a scoodie (scarf + hoodie) for The Fabulous Miss Allison. When I saw this pattern on Moogly, I had to make it for her. I used Caron Simply Soft in Grey Heather and White. Love the way this turned out. It was soft and thick, and definitely looked like a cat. (Don't you hate when you make something nobody recognizes?)
How cute is this?

Loved these little pockets on the ends of the scarf, too. I  had to kind of guess how long to make this to fit her arms, since she doesn't live close by. But I think I made a good guess, because my SIL tells me it fits just fine.  

I think, if I did it again (and I might, it's just so stinkin' cute) I would probably crochet the scarf longer on both ends and then just fold them over and seam the sides for the pockets. It seemed like an extra step to crochet the pockets separately and then crochet them on.

I love scarves for Christmas presents, don't you? I might have to make myself one this year!

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