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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Fall Floral

I took a floral class today. I've never taken a floral class because I have never really needed to make any floral arrangements. And that's because of one certain someone.
But just look at that face!
I've bought real floral arrangements before and Achilles has eaten them. I've bought fake floral arrangements and Achilles has eaten them. So I choose not to have any floral arrangements in the house because I don't want to spend all my time saying "Get out of that!"

But I liked the way this arrangement looked and I also wanted to do something nice for my MIL. She is very lonely and sad these days. So T and I went and also talked Bre and R into going too.
Funny that Bre and I both chose white pumpkins.
So did this lady to my right. We were the only
white pumpkins in the class!
T added some gold paint to accent our cream-colored pumpkin. I think it gave it more depth and definition. We both chose a variety of flowers, berries, and leaves.
It takes intense concentration, you know.
 In the end, we walked away with a pretty fab-looking display that we were able to take over to my MILs. She was very impressed and displayed it in the living room, next to her chair.
Yes, some colors are not found in nature, but
you gotta love a metallic sunflower!


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