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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Slug Lovin'

When I was a kid and first learned about where babies come from... Well, I mean when I first learned that the act had something to do with having babies. I had cats, of course, and they all went into heat a couple of times a year, so I was familiar from a young age with the way it was done. And that it led to babies. I just didn't realize exactly what was going on until later.

Don't worry about the invasion of these snails' privacy.
They were doing it on my front porch.
They didn't care who saw them.
Anyway, when I realized the cats were having sex, I started to wonder how other animals did it. Not animals like cats and dogs and similar shaped animals, because even at a young age I had a pretty logical mind. I assumed animals that were shaped the same way did it the same way. No, I wondered about fish, snakes, birds, spiders.

Did none of you ever wonder about that? No? Just me? Fine.

Anyway, I was reminded of that line of thought recently. I came home from work and there on the porch were two snails, making sweet, sweet love to each other. It was pretty gross. Slime trail all over the cement, where they had apparently met, and then up the wall where they could no longer resist each other.

The child in my head just said, "Hm. So that's how they do it."


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