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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

My Laptop And I Are One

... old, broken down, and full of outdated and useless information. The newer models on the market are slimmer and prettier and definitely do a lot more with just their factory-installed software. Plus, we both overheat easily and often forget what we're doing. And sometimes we just give up and collapse, not knowing if we will be able to get back up again.

I have never been so similar to a machine in my life.

Yeah. I've been unable to use my computer for a few days, basically because of all those reasons. And I can't blame it, really. It's old. And I am asking so much of it every day. Obviously, I've reached the point where I am asking too much of it. We're now at the blue screen three times a week stage.

So I guess I will be trying to do something clever in order to stay online. Not sure what that will be, but...


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