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Friday, July 08, 2016

Anniversary Trip #2

Today's adventure was on the water. As a child and teen, T had spent most of his weekends in the spring and summer fishing with his father. They would float down the rivers and creeks, stopping to fish in one spot or another. A fishing trip would go all day. I thought it would be nice to recreate his boyhood fishing trips. (Although we didn't fish. I don't believe in hunting animals for sport.)

So we rented a canoe and put into the water about 7 miles upstream of where we parked the car. (There was a shuttle to take us to the boat ramp.)
Notice I bought the extra large size of both?
I burn so easily, I need the SPF 50!
And I do NOT want to get bitten by anything!

This is the shuttle bus that took us to the boat ramp.
There were about 10 groups of us on this trip.

If I had known he was taking my photo, I might have
sucked in my gut a little. LOL.
We took a selfie just before boarding the bus.

One of the families brought their little dog on the canoe trip.
He has his own little lifejacket. So cute!
The boat ramp.
And we're on the water!
The water is a little cloudy today because
it rained pretty hard for about 2 hours
before we got on the river.
A fantastic iron and wood bridge we passed under. It's
technically in Camp Atterbury, so it's property of the
US Army. There is a pretty strict "Keep off" sign.
It made me want to climb on it.
I don't know why he keeps taking my photo
when I'm not looking. This is not my best side.
Can you see the turtles? We saw about 200+ turtles,
not even kidding. On every flat rock and log.
And ducks. Lots of ducks and geese.
And this is the end of the trip.

We had a lot of fun. I'd like to do this trip again, and maybe take a little more time exploring some of the little streams that branch off of this river.


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