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Monday, June 27, 2016

Harmless Mineral Sphere...

The planet Cybertron. You be the judge.
Beautiful structures on this sphere!
...or Decepticon homeworld?

I recently purchased this chalcopyrite for my collection. It's not a polished stone--although that's my preference for the spheres I collect--but it's vaguely rounded. I would say it was semi-polished. 

Polished chalcopyrite is very pretty. It's metallic and shiny, which makes sense because it's the primary mineral in copper ore.

But this way, with all the tetragonal formation, it looks so much more interesting, doesn't it? I kept looking at this one, rolling it over and over in my hand, until I finally realized what was drawing me to it. It's the Decipticon/Autobot homeworld!


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