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Sunday, June 12, 2016

More Yarny Goodness!

One more trip to Brown County. I know, it seems like we've been there a lot lately, but it's a nice day trip. A nice drive, nice walking around, nice shopping.

This time, I had M with me when I went to the yarn store. And, as you know, I can't go to an LYS and not buy yarn. And, since M tends to get most of my yarn projects, it was only fitting that she pick one out. So here. She chose this Bamboo Bloom Handpaints yarn in Red Maple colorway. This is a really pretty thick and thin bamboo/wool/acrylic. I also saw this yarn (in another colorway) knitted up in this cowl pattern, so I nabbed a copy of that pattern, too.
This skein should be enough for this cowl.
It's funny how, when you go to the same place on multiple occasions, you end up seeing different things in pretty much the same places, right? Like this. I always stop in the rock shops. You know me and my minerals. This time, I found this stone in one of the shops.

It's Australian Brown Boulder Opal. I'd never seen a stone like this before, and it's absolutely beautiful! As you can see from the cut, but unpolished, stone in the back, the stone has layers of iron along with the opal. The iron and the opal are so thin and so inseparable, that they are usually cut together. The end result is that the iron colors the opal brilliantly. I think the layers give it a very abstract look.

I really would like to have a sphere made of this stone, but it is so expensive. I suppose that's because it's pretty rare. But still. A sphere made of this stone would look like a planet, wouldn't it?

Of course, we stopped by the wine shop, where I bought a really nice cranberry apple wine for a very reasonable price.

Harry doesn't mind the petting.
But then, we stopped into a vintage shop that I had never been in, even though it's right next door to the wine shop. And this place was fascinating. It's a little horrifying and also a little sweet to realize that so many things from your youth are now "vintage"--vintage albums, vintage typewriters, vintage technology. I have to laugh a little, because those things are the "space age" things of my youth! (That's what we called cutting-edge technology... "Space Age".)

I have to laugh, because otherwise I'd cry. I'm old! I'm vintage!

Anyway, The one thing in this store that was definitely not vintage was this beautiful black cat named Harry. He was lazed across one of the cases in that classic "You can pet me if you want. Or don't. I don't care one way or another." pose that cats are so good at.

So we petted him.

We also saw (in some other shops) a couple of cats that were more like this one:

I would put a feathery fake bird inside his
belly, somehow. That would be cool.
Across the street from the wine shop and vintage shop, I saw this place:
All kinds of jerky. Including alligator. (Which are not native to Indiana, by the way.) I don't really like jerky, myself. But, each to their own. I think it's an interesting shop.

We also saw this lamp all along one street. I don't know why I never noticed this before. But it's cool. It's very ornate. I wonder if you can get lamps like this for your own house? I wonder what the neighbors would say?

Ha. Never mind. I kind of already know what they'd say.


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