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Saturday, May 28, 2016

12 Months Of Scarves: May

May's scarf is made from some yarn I picked up at Michael's. It's Isaac Mizrahi Craft University in Fordham, which is a purple yarn with a gold metallic yarn wrapped around it. It's pretty. I named this scarf Sparkling Grape Soda, because of the metallic gold and the grape color. Also, the bubble stitch texture brings to mind grape soda.

This bubble stitch pattern is a pretty easy one to remember. It's basically done over 12 rows, but 10 of those 12 are stockinette stitch. So, really, the pattern is created on only two rows, #6 and #12. The pattern is knit on a multiple of 4 stitches +1. I knit this on 21 stitches (pattern) and 3 edge stitches (on each side).

This is actually closer to the true color of
this scarf. 
I used 2 skeins of this yarn, 364 yards, to make this scarf. It's a decent length, of about 5', and about 7.5" wide.

These photos are not the best, I know. The actual color is a little more purple than either of these photos would indicate (although it's closer to the first color). And, as you can see, this needs to be blocked. It has a garter stitch border that I'd hoped would take care of the curling, but--as you can see--it's still a little curled under. I'm going to steam block these edges (not the bubbles) to make this look better.
You can see the bubble texture here. This is
a nice, squishy knit.

Also, the lighting in my living room is not the best today, so my choices were backlit or too dark. I guess I will try and move outside for my next photo shoot.

I'll be taking some better photos of this scarf and posting them along with the pattern on my sidebar soon. Stay tuned.


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