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Saturday, May 14, 2016

I Love Balls

You've probably figured out that the
Rose Quartz is the one in front.
Well, spheres, really. I have just been collecting these mineral spheres for the last couple of years, because I really like them for some reason. I have several different types of minerals, of all sizes and colors.

T asked me about the reason I purchased one mineral over another--was it because of the clarity or the weight? Or maybe it was because of the type of rock it is, or the origin?

No. Not thinking it through that much. I buy them based on how they look and how they feel.

Yes. You're ashamed of me now, aren't you? You expected something more cerebral from your old friend Patwoman.

Here's my newest addition. It's a 40 mm Rose Quartz sphere. I think it's pretty.


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