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Monday, May 02, 2016

R & Bre's One Year Anniversary

R & Bre have been married for a year. How about that? We got them a restaurant gift certificate, even though I am philosophically opposed to gift certificates. They usually mean there's no thought behind them.

In this case, however, the thought was there. I thought about how when you get married and start having to deal real life crap like having to figure out what to eat every night, and whether you really need to fold the towels or if you're okay with using them straight out of the dryer for two days. I thought it would be nice for them to have a "date" together.

It also made me think a little, about when T and I had been married a year. We lived in a little one bedroom appartment that was all in a straight line--walk from the front door to the bedroom and pass through all the rooms on the way. We had very little money. We ate a lot of spaghetti because it was cheap. One time, my mom gave us a 5 lb hunk of cheese and it was like gold to us.

We had one car, which T used to go to work. I walked wherever I had to go. We sometimes didn't have the cash for the laundromat and I would wash the clothes in the bathtub and hang them over the radiators to dry. We had no money for entertainment, either. Our tv only got the four channels that could be picked up with the rabbit ear antennae. And I would write stories that I would read to Tim when he got home at night.

R and Bre are definitely better off than we were at a year. They are both employed in good jobs. Both have cars. A house. Savings. M and her husband Ryan are in a similar situation. So I am very proud that our kids both seem to be smarter about things than we were.

As a parent, I think that's what you hope for.


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