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Sunday, April 24, 2016

How To Combat The Feeling Of An Empty Nest

I really liked these terra cotta warriors. I've always been
fascinated by that archeological site.
One thing I always like about weddings (well, actually there are lots of things I like about weddings--cake, music, cake, decorations, uh... cake) is that you get to spend time with family. My bro and his family came up for the wedding and yesterday we went to the Children's Museum.

Now I hadn't been to the Children's Museum in a long time, since my kids were little. So it was a lot of fun to go with my niece, the Fabulous Miss Allison. R and Bre joined us, and everyone acted like little kids.

R thinks this one could use a head upgrade.
There were a couple of exhibits we really spent a lot of time in--the Chinese terra cotta warrior exhibit, the science fiction/science fact/movie science exhibit, and the dinosaur exhibit.

T thinks he can take on Iron Man.

There were a lot of costumes from various movies and a lot of props. R and FMA played a quiz show game called Science Fact or Science Fiction.

In the dino area, there was a section where you could draw your own dino pictures. I drew a very cartoony T-Rex chasing around stick people and gave it to FMA. T was a little more serious about his art. He sketched this in about 10 minutes.
Rawr! I got tiny hands!
I hung it up on the fridge when we got home. He told me--can you believe--that it was the first thing he'd done that anyone had ever hung on the fridge! Poor T. What a childhood, to never have any of your work displayed with pride! I hung so much stuff my dad used to say that one day my refrigerator door would fall off.

Anyway, the trip to the Children's Museum was a good time and helped ease the feeling of empty nest.


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