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Sunday, April 10, 2016

And Even More Squares

You'd think I'd be getting tired of doing squares by now. But I find it strangely theraputic. I could do them in my sleep now. (Don't laugh. I have actually fallen asleep knitting and kept knitting, I'm told.)

Not looking forward to weaving in the ends, though. I don't know why, but weaving in ends is my least favorite thing to do. I hear others say the enjoy it, and lots of people say they just consider that part of the process--something that has to be done.

But I feel like it just delays my satisfaction of being done with a project. I started this afghan a long time ago and didn't weave in any of the ends. I just knit and moved on. But if I were doing this again today, I would weave in these ends as I went.

Because, even after all the ends are done, I still have the seaming to do.


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