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Monday, April 04, 2016

The One Where Patwoman Visits Her Bro

So we took a trip to visit my bro this weekend. It was already planned, but I thought maybe we could help him do something with the storm damage--clear some debris or something. Turns out, he already had most of that taken care of.

Good thing, too. Just during the time we were visiting there, there were several cars that drove up to the house. Looky-loos, mostly. Keep in mind, this is a private drive, not a road, that dead ends at the top of the hill. You have to do a three-point turn to turn around and leave the property. It's not like you could just accidentally happen upon the place. These people were coming to see the damage.

I'm tremendously bothered by that. I mean, of course, I surveyed the damage while I was there. But I did so as a family member. I was there in a how-can-I-help capacity. These people didn't even know my bro and definitely weren't there to help. They just wanted to look.

Or worse. My bro told me they had caught people trying to loot the rubble. What kind of brass does that take, to come to someone's property and dig through their house to see if there is anything worth taking? How low-class do you have to be to take advantage of someone's misfortune that way?

I think losing everything like that would make you feel exposed and vulnerable anyway. And then, to have strangers come and gawk would just add a layer of crap to that. And then, to have people come and try to rip you off when you've lost everything?

It really burns my ass.


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