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Monday, March 28, 2016

Need To Clean Up My Email

Yeah. This is going to be another post where I just complain about something. That probably makes me a bad person. But, you know, I'm still going to do it.

Today, I'd like to talk about my email. 

It's out of control. I subscribe to a lot of lists, sure. They are things that I'm interested in and I want to read about. No issue there. And I have my email with some stores so they will send me coupons. I like coupons. No issue there.

And here, let me take a sidetrack for a second. At my work, we have to ask for email addresses with every transaction. We have to ask. That's part of our job. If you don't want to give your email, say "No thanks." or "I don't like to give it out." or something a normal human being would say. What I would prefer you don't do is act like a total effin bitch and scowl and say something like "I'm not giving you my email address so you can send me a bunch of trash! I get enough junk in my email already!" (This statement, or variations of this, will come with or without a few swear words peppered in.) Listen, I don't want your email. I'm not going to send you emails with the subject line [FWD;][FWD;][FWD;] TOO FUNNY!!! No reason to yell at me.

Anyway, back to my email box.

The issue I have with my email is that I'm getting so many things like penis enlargement ads; ads for online schools for DEA training, culinary arts, behavioral psychology, and marketing; ads for affordable treatment of baldness, drug addiction, and eating disorders; and letters from friendly Russian women who want to meet me. For the record, I'm not interested in any of those things.

I'm a little ashamed to admit how many emails are in my inbox right now. So many I will probably not be able to read them all. I'm almost at the point that I'm ready to do something really drastic.


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