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Friday, March 25, 2016

Not Happy With My Cable Provider

So remember that sweet ass deal I had with cable at the old house? (To refresh your memory, I had signed up on a deal that had very vague language. So when I signed up, there was one HBO, one Showtime, one Cinemax, one Starz, and a basic package that included things like AMC and local channels. But, then the selection grew, so I had multiple of each movie channel and so, so many other channels.) I knew when we moved, there would be no way they would just transfer service so we could keep all our channels.

And I was right. Apparently, the service provided here (3 miles away from the old house) is different in some way. So they had to create a new account. (But, strangely enough, they don't consider me a new customer, so I can't get their sign up deal with free installation. Hm.)

Anyway, I'm not so mad about that. (Except the free install. Seems like it's one or the other, Comcast. Either it's a new account with free install or it's an old account with all my channels.) What I am mad about is the way there are no good movies to watch.

Don't get me wrong. I kept HBO because I need to watch Game of Thrones, right? But, when you look at the On Demand guide for movies, including the ones for HBO, the choices are very limited. Most of what I can watch, with my Super Plus Cable package plus 6 HBO channels, are 20+ year old movies, knockoff Disney animated movies (like the super-fake Jungle Book--trying to ride the popularity of the new live-action soon-to-be-released version, no doubt), and movies that I wouldn't watch with someone else's eyes.

Oh, there are good movies too, to be sure. But you have to pay for those. Rent or buy. Seriously, buy? So it's stored digitally on my Comcast account? And then what happens when I move and have to start a new account (and pay for freaking installation again) because they can't transfer service?

It's the same with previous seasons of shows you might want to watch. I caught an episode of a show and thought it might be nice to watch it from the beginning. But no. Turns out, you have to buy those episodes for $1.99 each. Not to be cheap or anything, but if I want to pay $2 an episode, I'll just go buy the boxed set and get all the DVD extras, as well.

Sigh. But, whatareyagonna do? The choices are limited. I have AT&T phone, so I know how shitty their customer service is. I don't see myself signing up for their cable service any time soon. If I weren't such a TV-watching cultural wasteland, I would just not care.

But, you know. I'm a child of the '60s. TV and I go way back. That's a friendship bond that can never be broken. So I guess I'm just going to be unhappy.


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