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Thursday, March 24, 2016

WIP: Scrap Afghan

Take a look at this. It's one of my oldest WIPs. Pyschedelic Squares Afghan. According to my Ravelry project page, I started this back in 2004. (It may have been even sooner.)

Now, to be fair, I have not worked on this continuously. Nor have I really rushed to finish it. Basically, I have a heirarchy of yarn.

It goes:

More than one skein: Project
One skein: Small project
1/2 - one skein: Solid Color Afghan Square or smaller project
Less than 1/2 skein: very small project, like an ornament, or stripes on another project
Orange sized ball or less: Pyschedelic Stripes Afghan
Not enough for any of those: Added to Magic Ball
Snips of less than 18 inches: Snip Jar

So yeah. Imagine a bunch of orange sized balls of yarn in various colors. I used to be very good about keeping up with all those balls, knitting the squares. And then, I don't know why, but I just stopped knitting them. (I think this was about the time I was working a lot of overtime at work.)

But, with the move, I've found all those squares, plus I have a million little balls of yarn. Anyway, I decided to lay these squares out on the bed and see how many I needed to knit to finish this thing. And guess what? I only need nineteen!

Yeah, I can knock out 19. No problem. Stay tuned.


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