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Friday, April 15, 2016

Thinking Of Dog Actors

No, not bad actors.
Although the phrase "Starring Nicolas Cage" is enough
to make me never want to see a movie.
Actual dogs. Who are actors.

I was wondering about these dogs that are in movies. Obviously, they are trained to perform their parts, but what do they think about it? Like, if the dog is supposed to bark and growl at the actor like it's being very angry and the actor is supposed to be scared or angry at the dog... what does the dog think about that? Does it know it's just pretend?

I know this is a wolf. But you see my point, right?
When the director calls "cut," does the dog immediately relax? "Oh, man. I'm sorry I called you all that. You know I was just pretending, right? I don't really want to tear your face off."

Or is the dog confused by it? Do they harbor those ill feelings toward the actor from that scene? "Don't even come close to me, Joffrey! I hate you so much!"

Or is the dog fully aware that this is not real? "Hey, how was that? You seemed really scared Joffrey. I think I did a really good job with that scene."

I worry about the dog's emotional well-being. I wonder how those actor dogs feel about their lives after they are done acting. Do they feel fulfilled? Or do they, like many retired humans, just fade?


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