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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Hollow Earth BS

Some time ago, we used to play a game called Hollow Earth Expeditions. It was a pulpy-action style game with Nazis and dinosaurs and aliens and such. Lots of over-the-top situations. The premise of this game, the thing you had to buy into, was that this was a world in which scientists had discovered a hole in the Earth, leading into another world inside the world. That is, you had to buy into a Hollow Earth theory. Fun, right?

Okay, so did you know this is a real thing? Not real, in that the Earth is hollow and filled with dinosaurs and Nazis, but real like people actually believe it. They believe the part of the planet we live on is just a thin shell covering an inner layer of world, which is filled with (depending on which of the several Hollow Earth theories you believe) dinosaurs, cavemen, Nazis, and NASA scientists. (Because, apparently, this is something NASA has known about and hidden from everyone for decades, right?)

Holy crap. Are you kidding me? I mean, I know there are all kinds of people and all kinds of beliefs out there, but this just astounds me. Not because it's so out there (but that too, yeah) but because it's so easily proven wrong. With science.

Oh, but oh yeah. The scientists are all in cahoots to keep this from everyone. I forgot.

Even that part doesn't make sense, people. All the scientists? I seriously doubt you could get ten scientists to agree on the specifics of such a world--how big it is, how it formed, why it defies the laws of physics. But, even if you could, why would they want to keep quiet about it? Why would they not want to publish their findings and garner grants to continue studying and/or exploring this inner world that would be the scientific find of the millenia?

For that matter, why are there not a buttload of shows on Science, Discover, and Smithsonian Channels about it? Heck, why are there not a buttload of reality shows--Hollow Earth Survival or Life Below The Pole or Under Mountain Men?

Just sayin'.


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