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Monday, May 30, 2016

This Is Apropos

This afghan covers the top of a queen sized bed.
 I told you I had made a lot of fun finds in my crafts while I was moving, right? Well, I found this in the same closet I found the Psychedelic Squares, and I thought it would be super appropriate to post a photo of it today.

This is a flag afghan I knit about 15 years ago for M. She had asked me specifically for an American flag with all 50 stars on it. That was the tough part, really. The stars. Not because they were especially hard to do. As I recall, they were pretty easy crochet.

It's just that there are 50 of them.

The afghan itself is also pretty easy. Basic stripes and color blocking. As I recall, this is Red Heart yarn. I got the pattern from the Lion Brand website. I checked all over the site, but it is apparently no longer available.

I think you could probably find it on the wayback machine. Or email Lion Brand. I bet they would send it to you. The pattern calls for Homespun yarn, I'm pretty sure, but I think I had trouble finding some of the colors at that time, so I just went with Super Saver.

Anyway, happy Memorial Day. Thank you to all the veterans and veterans' families for your service to our country.


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