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Sunday, June 05, 2016

Brown County Fun

A rare selfie for me.
We took a trip down to Brown County again. It's a lot of fun to walk around and look at the shops and all the handcrafted items. This time, M's husband Ryan went with us. It was a lot of fun.

We spent some time in the lapidaries (because you know I love my minerals) and then we stopped in the Man's Toy Store. Now you know, I'm not a big gun and knife person, but it was an interesting shop, I have to admit.

This place had a sign that said "air conditioned
dining room." I thought it was a joke, like the
dining room was the patio. But they actually
did have an airconditioned room behind this
little kiosk. Ha!
We also ate gyros from a little courtyard restaurant.

Mmm. What should I do with it?
After that, I had to stop by the yarn store I had seen last time, the Clay Purl. I had a great time talking with the lady there. So much fun, in fact, that Ryan got a little bored and had to step out. Hey, he knew the job was dangerous when he took it. 

I picked up some beautiful yarn, too. Look at it. Maxima from Manos Del Uruguay in Arctic Shadow. It's 100% Merino wool. And I love the colorway! It's so nice I don't know what I should knit with it.

Large scale knitting!

Speaking of knitting, this shop had this great afghan-in-progress hanging at the front of the store. It's absolutely beautiful.

The yarn is actually roving about as thick as my thumb (or thicker!) and the needles are at least size 50's! I had to touch it, of course, and it was just about the squishiest, softest thing ever.

That kind of makes me want to do a big stitch afghan now. Sigh. One thing at a time, Patwoman. You've still got stuff on the needles.

We bought Maple Bacon Popcorn here.

We always stop at a couple of candy stores close to the end of any trip to Brown County. (Because, if you stop close to the beginning, you'll spend the entire trip eating candy. And then buy some more to take home. Trust me on this. Voice of experience.)
And, our tradition is to get ice cream on the way back to the car. I'm pretty predictable. This is a sugar cone with one scoop of Rocky Road on bottom and one scoop of Black Cherry on top. I like them in that order.


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