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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

July Warm Up America Blocks

Whoopsie. I need to weave in the ends where the yellow and
red join.. I just tucked those strands under for the photo.
How is it that I have just now realized I can call these "blocks" and be accurate and not "squares," like I have been calling them (and hating that inaccurate name.)?

Anyway, here are two more blocks for Warm Up America. Both are garter stitch. One started out yellow and then I ran out of that yarn and added the red.

Then I realized I might run into the same problem with an all red block, so I decided to make it striped red with a small ball of black. I like them both, but I especially like the way the stripes look. I think I might make some more striped blocks (and, in the process, use up some small balls of leftover yarn).

By the way, I had about 12 inches of black left over from that block!


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