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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Miss Gracie

Friends, I am sorry to tell you that my Miss Gracie has passed away. She has been suffering from cancer for several months now and just could not hang on any longer. We had taken her to the vet because we noticed another lump. (If you remember, Miss Gracie had breast cancer about 4 years ago.) I thought having the surgery meant she would never get breast cancer again. But, apparently, if there is one little cell of cancer left in the body...

She did not seem to have any pain. She was mainly just a little stiff because the lump, as it grew, impeded her walking. She remained as friendly and as sweet as she has always been, right up until the last. In fact, these last few months have turned her into a lap cat after only 16 years with us.

Her appetite remained pretty steady too, although the last few days she ate small amounts at a time and I tried to supplement those meals with kitten milk (like Ensure or Boost, but for cats). I knew she was fading, though, when she was unable to eat even the kitten milk.

The only trouble she had was right at the last hour, when it was difficult to breathe. T and I stayed with her and held her so she knew she was not alone. (I called off work, bawling my eyes out.)

We will all miss Sweet Miss Gracie,


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