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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Pillow Craft

My class this month was another embroidery class. In this class, we turned a tote bag into a pillow. This was a pretty involved craft.

Step One: Tape off the chevron pattern on the tote bag. (I guess Pre-Step One was to cut the handles of the bag off.)
These chevrons are just freehand
tape placement. I didn't really
measure them.
 Step Two: Paint the bag/pillow. I used a fabric paint pen, but that was a big pain in the butt. And it took for-freaking-ever. I think I would use some sort of liquid paint and brush it on, if I did this again.

Takes forever to color in all the chevrons.
Step Three: Embroider some of the chevrons with coordinating yarn. This turned out to be pretty time consuming, too.

I was not happy with my crappy stitching,
but in the end, Achilles liked it.
So, Step Four would be to stuff and seal the bag into a pillow, but I'll be honest with you. We only had a two hour time slot to do this. My class went over by 30 minutes and I still didn't finish.

It's okay, though. I brought it home and Achilles loved it without the stuffing. He has claimed it as his own little sleeping mat. So it works out.


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