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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

FO: Bridger Cowl

I had a little yarn left over from the Wingspan (about half a Cake), so I decided to make this cowl with it.

This is the Bridger Cowl, by Kris Basta. It takes about 150 yards of worsted and I thought it would make the perfect thing for my leftover Cake Pop colorway. It's a nice, close-fitting cowl, which I prefer over the long, loopy ones. Plus, it angles forward, so you have a bit that covers the part of your collar area that the coats never close over completely. And that little piece of lace on the bottom adds a little extra interest.

It's funny, while I was knitting this I kept thinking how much I loved this little lace detail and the way it was constructed. It reminded me of something that I couldn't quite put my finger on. When I went back to add the project to my Ravelry page, I realized it's because I have several of Kris Basta's patterns in my queue. One of them, Gallatin, I've made twice.

So that should tell you I like the designer, right?

Details: I used less than half a cake of Caron Cakes in Cake Pop. Knit on #8 circular needles (because that was the size that gave me gauge.) Knit over the course of two evenings.


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