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Thursday, September 01, 2016

Spreadin' My Cake-Colored Wings

On the needles, it's hard to tell whether this is going
to be long enough. 
One of the main things I hear people saying about Caron Cakes is that there are not enough patterns made for the yarn. I think there may be two different knit and two different crochet (if that) patterns on the ball bands. But you know, you don't have to stick to what's designed specifically for that yarn--or with yarn that is recommended for the pattern.

For example, I started a Wingspan with Caron Cakes in Cakepop. Wingspan is a shawl pattern that normally calls for fingering weight yarn. However, Caron Cakes is a worsted weight, so I used the appropriate needles for that. (These are
Turned out lovely!
size 8s) I also adjusted the number of stitches so this would be a scarf, rather than a shawl. I was guesstimating how much yarn this would use and didn't want to run out.

As you can see, the color changes worked very nicely with this pattern. I think they might work out even nicer in a shawl version of this pattern, giving you more--but thinner--color changes. There would probably be enough yarn in a Cake to knit the shawl in worsted, since I ended up with half a Cake left over after this. And that was after increasing the number of triangles to 13, instead of the 8 the pattern calls for.

This is a nice, quick pattern, by the way. The garter stitch gives you lots of texture. The color blocks and short rows add interest to the eye (and to the knitting). But it's not difficult at all. I would say it would be a great introduction to short rows, if one were looking to expand their skillset.

It's also a highly adaptable pattern. If you get a chance, check out the Pinterest page with all the variations people have done on this pattern--lace, crochet, swing knitting, different colors, etc. I can't say enough good things about it. (Also, if you buy the pattern, you are actually getting a booklet with several versions of the pattern. So it's a good deal.)


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