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Sunday, January 01, 2017

Happy New Year?

Brace yourself, folks. It's 2017. I don't know what this new year will bring, but I'm determined to be ready for it.

Seriously, though. I'm taking it easy today, recouping my mental resources after the craziness of the holiday season working in retail. Believe me, I need it. Don't misunderstand, I enjoy my job. I actually even enjoy most of the customers. And I don't even get too rattled when we get crazy busy. But, as an introvert, 8 or so hours a day of non-stop talking with strangers just kind of wears me out.

Also, there are those customers. You know what I mean. The ones that make you wonder if they're just messing with you or if they're really that... well. Never mind. Suffice to say that "Buy one, get one free" means you actually have to buy one. And "Buy one, get one 50% off" is not half off both. Also, just because you are planning to use a sketchbook as a planner, that doesn't make it a "half off all planners."

Not drunk, although I really look it. I was on
my way out when I was told I was still
wearing the crown from our NYE cracker.
But enough of that. 

We went to our DIL's parents' last night for a little NYE get together. It was fun. We played some board and card games, made fun of Mariah Carey's drunk-ass performance, and ate a lot.

What you can't see in this photo is the pile
of UFOs on the table to my right.
Today, I'm sitting in my chair, drinking coffee, and working on some UFOs. My mom always said "Whatever you are doing on New Year's Day, that's what you will be doing the rest of the year." So this is how I choose to spend my New Year's Day--sitting and knitting.

I probably should take down the Christmas tree, but Achilles loves it, so I might leave it up a few more days. We got this smaller tree this year, for the smaller place, and he hasn't expressed an interest in climbing it. But he does love to sit underneath it and look up at the lights.

I do have a hands-off meal on for later. Crock pot corned beef, potatoes, and carrots and bread in the bread machine. Corned beef has been our traditional New Year's Day dinner for as long as I can remember, except these last two years, when I felt the tradition had not brought us any good luck at all. So I broke tradition.

As it turns out, the last two years were progressively worse for us, so I probably should have just stuck with corned beef. Maybe it was the corned beef that was keeping the bad luck from getting too out of hand, eh?

Anyway. Corned beef is pretty good. And tomorrow we will have corned beef hash with the leftovers. So, I think two meals from one is pretty good luck anyway.

How is your New Year's Day going? Do you have any New Year's traditions?



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