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Sunday, January 08, 2017

Patwoman's Nuts (Crackers)

Still sick, so I'm taking the easy route going to catch you up on some holiday crafting I did this winter.

First of all, I'm very lucky that our family is so close. We get together on the holidays, all of us. If we had no other traditions than that, it would still be good.

But, we have begun some new traditions as well. One of them is the Thanksgiving craft. This was so much fun that I want to do something similar every Thanksgiving. We each had a little unpainted nutcracker that we got to paint however we wished.

Check them out:

As you can see, we each had a different vision. These are RI's, T's, B's. M's (yes, that's Achilles), R's (Deadpool), and mine. They are all the same size, btw.

I had fun painting mine, but as you can see I had a little trouble getting the eyes right. My nutcracker looks a little crazed. Or terrified.

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