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Thursday, January 05, 2017

Apps My Mom Would Have Loved

I've got a lot of thoughts going on in this post, bear with me. By the way, I think that's a hilarious expressions. I always think of something like this...
...which is funny. Of course, it's not nearly as funny as when one of your Facebook friends posts "bare with me." 

Anyway, it's January and that's got me thinking about my mom. I always tend to think about her a lot in January. Mom's birthday was the 17th and she died on the 9th. Also, both my kids were born in February and neither one of them got to meet her. So I always think about how much my mom would've loved my kids.

Also, my mom would be 82 now, so she would be (to put it bluntly) old. But what's funny is, that I don't think my mom would be the kind of old that some old people are, if you follow me. For example, when my mom was around, nobody had the internet. I mean, technically, the internet existed, but it was not being used in-home. In fact, I was the first person I know personally who got the internet and that wasn't until the year after Mom passed. (It was available at some of the larger libraries in the state.)

But I think Mom would've liked the internet. She was always about "look it up" and "find something to read." I think she would've loved being able to access a vast library of knowledge from her home. (She probably wouldn't have enjoyed the initial expense of the computer, but hey, who does?) And I think she would have enjoyed smart phones even more. To have a computer the size of your palm that you could stick in your pocket or purse? Brilliant.

She would've loved having her address book, shopping list, notes, books, and photo albums all in one place. She would've loved having a camera that she could take and share photos with kids and grandkids. She would've loved having her phone handy at all times.

And she would have loved text messaging. My mom loved to converse. (Unlike me, who loves to talk.) She would have loved the group texts my family does--sometimes an almost constant stream of communication between the six of us. She would have loved being able to send a photo or a video or a link to a story. Of course, my mom would have Facebook.

She would've had a weather app, a local news app, and Craigslist (for the garage sale listings, if nothing else).

And shopping. I can tell you with 100% certainty that my mom would have downloaded the Kroger app. And Amazon. 

She definitely would not have downloaded any games, though. She was very practical and was not very keen to waste time on games. In fact, I can only remember a handful of times that she actually played games.

 She would have been very frustrated with all those game requests on Facebook.

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