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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Post-Holiday Holiday Knitting

I am spending a lot of time these day, especially since I've been so nauseous (although, I feel much better today and maybe might attempt some solid food), watching T play Skyrim while I knit. It works out, because I don't have to pay much attention to either the knitting or the game, really. The game apparently consists of yelling "Shut up, Lydia." and "Oh shit, a dragon."

And the knitting, well, I'm just working on those shark tails I meant to get done before Christmas. And that's all stockinette stitch on big needles. It's slow going for me right now because I'm so flipping tired I keep falling asleep in the chair, and because this Bernat Blanket yarn, although it is super soft and cushy, is not the most slidey of yarns, so it knits a little slower.

Still, I'm clipping along. Hopefully I will have this done in the next few days. Stay tuned.


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