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Friday, January 13, 2017

A Tale Of Noisy Neighbors

I live in a duplex. So that means we share a wall with the next door neighbors. The neighbors who lived there when we moved in were not noisy at all. I never heard them. In fact, I commented to T on more than one occasion that the wall between us was so well insulated that I never heard the neighbors. I was really impressed with the way this duplex had been built.

But then, they left and the new neighbors moved in.

Let me just say, they seem to be very nice people. They are always very friendly and courteous, whenever I see them.

But they are loud.

Not voices loud or music loud or party loud or tv loud. Like, slamming doors and banging stuff against the wall loud. Seriously. And it goes on all damned day. At first I thought they were just moving in. Hey, I had a lot of boxes when I moved in. I hope I didn't make that much noise putting stuff away.

But no. They've been here for months and it's still bang bang bang all day long and into the night. How do I nicely ask if they are close to being finished building their whole-house labyrinth?


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