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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Okay, One More Catch Up Post

This one is about painting. Not house painting, but art. Ha! I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, "But Patwoman. You don't paint. Your closest attempt at art was the dry erase board cartoons you drew to advertise the weekly cafe specials at your shop." 

Well, you're not wrong. (But those were some pretty good cartoons.) But as T and I were thinking of a way to celebrate our birthdays in October (4 days apart), we thought it would be fun to do something completely different.

We decided to do a sort of Wine and Canvas Night at home. It was the whole family, plus our friend Don, who was in town for the week. (Too bad Lori wasn't able to take time off work. We miss Lori, too.)

Yes, there was wine involved. That makes it better, right? 

We all decided what to paint on our own, whatever we wanted. That was actually the hard part, trying to decide what to do.

We all have varying levels of skill here, too. For example, T was an art major in college (until he decided to change majors so he could be in my classes) and has a lot of experience painting. 
And Don has done illustration for games professionally, but not with paint. And B is a professional interior designer, so she draws often. M and R have always been artistic, even as children, so they had no problem, either. And RI is an all around creative thinker.

Really, it's just me who lacks the artistic talent, I guess. Which is funny, because all three of my brothers and my mom were all very good at drawing. My drawings all tend to be on the cartoony side.

Oh well. I have many other fine talents.

Here are some of the finished results. I just realized I don't have a photo of RI's so I will have to get that from M.

R and B

M, with her portrait of Achilles.



And my painting.


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