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Thursday, August 31, 2006

My Knifty Knew...


Okay, it's a scarf. But see how clever I am, with my alliteration? (Alliteration. Yes. I went to college.) I knitted this on my Knifty Knitter. You may remember, I got my Knifty Knitter at GenCon this year.

Okay. That was just a lame excuse to post that Kevin Sorbo pic to my blog again. I apologize.

But I did get the loom in a GenCon SPA Seminar. (GenCon Powers-that-be, please add some more of these activities to next year's catalog! Oh, and try to get Adam West to appear, too.) And I started this scarf during the course of that seminar. I did about 8 inches that first day.

Then, in true Patwoman fashion, I let it sit on the craft table beside my living room chair for a couple of weeks before I picked it up again.

But, I finally picked it back up and finished it up. And let me tell you, this scarf is soft and cuddly. It's made from Red Heart Symphony in Magenta, which is soft and mohairy anyway. Then, the loom makes a very lacy fabric, just because of the guage. And, of course, it's basically just a tube, so the fabric is doubled. All that makes it very pretty and very soft.

So I decided to have my very pretty, very soft kitty model the scarf. I'm planning to knit some mittens to complete this outfit. What do you think the chances are for getting Gracie to let me put those on her?

Monday, August 28, 2006

So Things Are Getting Back To Normal....

...if, by normal, you mean that I am bugging the crap out of T. "Did you take your walk today?" "How much sodium is in that?" and "I'm not babysitting you! I just happened to wake up fifty times last night, and while I was up I decided to check your pulse."

We are trying to adjust to the low-fat, low-sodium diet he needs now, too. Honestly, the low fat doesn't bother me as much as the low-sodium. Thank God for Mrs. Dash. Especially the 10 Minute Marinade. That stuff is the shizz-it!

But, things are definitely normal, in terms of the yarn addiction. Yes, it is comforting to know that some things will never change.

I bought this the other day to keep my stash uh a lot of my yarn okay, a small portion of my hoard. I filled it entirely too easily, which caused me a moment's shame.

But then I got over it. In fact, I may get another one of these. Or two.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

First, Let Me Say Thanks....

Thanks to all of you for your kind wishes and thoughts following T's heart attack last week. He is doing well now and continues to recover more and more each day.

Thanks to God, for letting him stay with me.

Thanks again to God, that I didn't cause this to happen with my wicked Patwoman-love!

More soon.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Prodigal Patwoman Returns

And what have I been up to? Well, let's see...

GenCon was this past Thursday thru Sunday. Regular Patwoman readers know I have been working like crazy on this chain mail. Two sets of this for Teutonic Knight costumes. (I made those tunics, too.)

I got the pattern from here. I priced out nylon cording, but it would've been very expensive to buy the 2300 yards it would take to do each one of these. So I bought two cones of Sugar N Cream yarn at Michael's. (About $6 each.)

It took me about 10 days to knit all the pieces. I used #15's, but it's all reverse stockingette stitch, so it's boring as hell. Being under a time limit and having to knit these from the time I got home until the time I went to bed really made me hate them.

Of course, they had to be finished in time to paint--first, with a coat (inside and out) of grey. I probably could have skipped this step if I could have found grey Sugar N Cream yarn, but Michael's only had the off white or the white white in a cone. Then, we painted them with a metallic silver. (I say we, but by that time, it was really only T working on them. He helped seam them together and he did all the painting.) Here they are, on a worktable in my driveway.

We finished them Wednesday night, around dusk.

I wanted to wear my Jayne Hat to GenCon on one of the four days, since a lot of Serenity geeks like me would be there and appreciate it, as well. But, I forgot to wear it every day!

Of course I did a lot of gaming. I am a gamer geek, after all. But there were lots of other things going on. In fact, on Saturday, after T, R, and M had all ditched me, I found a "Knitting Without Needles" seminar. So I got to try my hand at the Knifty Knitter.

Now, as a veteran knitter, I've always thought of loom knitting as "cheater knitting." But I am altering my opinion now. It's actually pretty fun. I learned to use the loom and knitted a tube about 10 inches long in about an hour an a half. That's slower than 2-needle knitting, but it was still fun. Alexandra, the instructor, was so enthused about her hobby that it really rubbed off on the rest of us. The session was free and she let us keep our looms and yarn and even loaded us up with a collection of patterns and websites so we could keep on knitting with the loom.

I also met many celebrities over the course of the convention. (You know how I get with the celebs!) Authors Margaret Weiss, Tracy and Laura Hickman were all very nice. A lot of artists and indie film makers there, too. And, of course, game designers. All very nice people. Where else are you gonna go where the creative minds behind a product are so accessible?

Where else are you gonna find a Roman Gladiator Arena these days? I swear, every time I had a break in my schedule, I bee-lined it over to the Arena to watch big (sometimes shirtless) guys beat the crap out of each other. (I don't know what's hotter than that!)

Now, I know you're all wondering about my encounter with Kevin Sorbo. (And how wicked am I, to make you wait until the end to get the story? You all remember that it was my goal to get him to pose for a picture with me, shirtless.

I did meet him (very handsome in person, but really not as massive as he seems on tv). He was nice and talked to me, even though his handler was rushing him along to some other place right at that moment. Took the time to shake hands and everything. He asked me my name, and then introduced himself. "Hi Pat. I'm Kevin Sorbo." I thought that was pretty funny, since... well, since I knew he was Kevin Sorbo and that's why I was there, right?

Anyway, like I said, I met him. I talked to him. And here's the photographic evidence to prove it.

No means no, Patwoman. Now put your shirt back on and leave me alone!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

That's Right, Patwoman... Come Down From The Ledge

Countdown. It's three more days until GenCon and I am still working like a third world child on these costumes. Production knitting. I'm not even enjoying it any more.

Finished knitting all pieces of Hood #1 and Chain Mail Shirt #1, plus back of Shirt #2. These still need to be painted black (base) and then metallic silver. They do look good, but I am sick to death of them.

I have not a clue as to what my Soothsayer costume will look like. I'm thinking of the old Soothsayer in 13th Warrior. Won't that be impressive when I go ask Kevin Sorbo to take a picture with me?

KS: Patwoman, why are you dressed in raggedy-ass furs and dirty strips of cloth?

Patwoman: Shut up, Kevin, and take your shirt off.

Speaking of actors... I am ready to begin filming on my new movie as soon as I am finished with GenCon. Pretty excited about it, too. Look for me to post some production stills as we go along. Nobody is shirtless in my movie, though.

There may be some irony there.

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