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Saturday, June 14, 2008

My Niece Is Going To Be The Life Of The Party

Yes, Baby Flamez was to show how cool my bro's baby will be. But I really felt she needed something to show what a good sense of humor she has.

Hence, the Baby Jester Hat. Pattern (here) from Woolywormhead.com. Knitted in the round (so to speak) from Red Heart Baby Pompadour in Starbrights Prints.

This pattern is genius, let me just say. You knit in the round and make increases at 6 points on the hat. Then, since you've basically made a funnel, at the end you fold the increases together and do a 3-needle-bind off and it makes these great jester points.

The points on a jester's hat, by the way, symbolize the asses' ears and tail that medieval jesters traditionally wore. You see? And they all said you were unteachable!

So, after I finished the hat, I thought, wouldn't it be cool to have some of those pointy jester shoes, too?

Curiously, there are no patterns out there for baby jester shoes. So I was forced to improvise.

I started with this sock pattern from Yarn Mafia. I used the same Red Heart yarn and #2 dpns. Knitted to pattern until the toe. Then, instead of making the traditional toe, I kept decreasing until I got 4 st. Then I did about a half inch of I-cord, then K2tog twice, then cast off. That made a nice little point at the end of the toe.

Well, then, I thought, I really need to express the baby's warm nature, too, right? So then I made this, the Hello Kitty Baby Hat. It's my own pattern. Knit in Caron Simply Soft. Pattern is coming, if I can decipher my own handwriting.

So, I've covered cool, funny, and warm. That only leaves cute. And you know. Nothing is cuter than a baby bunny, right? So, Baby Bunny Hat. (Pattern coming. Promise.) Modelled by my hand, that's why it looks a little strange.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

More MarCon

Hello, Adam. After that last post, I didn't want you to think I'd completely forgotten about you, my love.

Au contraire. Just like the song says, there is always something there to remind me.

As I was standing in the registration line, waiting for the badge to print... who do you think I saw?

I called out, "Robin! Robin! Where is my beloved Batman?"

But, he just shook his head, as if I were joking or something. And then he was like "Go away, lady. You're creeping me out!"

I don't know what he meant by that.

Then, I went to see this guy perform. He did all these whip tricks, and well... of course, that's going to remind me of you, right?

Especially, when he used the whip on his lovely assistant.
(Coincidentally, your little pet name for moi!)

Yes, everything reminded me of you! Costumes, whips, seminars, dinner at a Chinese restaurant...

And this, the view from the hall at my hotel. For some strange reason, it reminded me of you. I don't know why.

And finally, on the last day at MarCon, I saw something that made my heart leap! I ran down the hall, excited to bursting! And then I saw.... this poser.

Oh, Adam West! How long will you make me wait?!!!

Sunday, June 01, 2008

What I Did On My Summer Vacation

Ok, so not technically a vaca because I didn't actually take time off from work (the way I will for GenCon). I just went on the weekend. But it really was a vaca since I got to do some fun things.

I went to MarCon in Columbus, OH. I hadn't ever been, but you know I go to GenCon every year and a friend recommended MarCon.

Oh, and Beastmaster was speaking there!
Oh yeah. That's what I'm talking about!

Let me tell you, I've been more or less joking about The Beastmaster up until now, since it made T so jealous that I got all giggly about meeting him last time. But now, I've got myself a little Beastmaster crush. For realz.

I went to a Q&A session with Marc Singer one day. I sat in the front row. It was really kind of an informal setting. He didn't get up and deliver a prepared speech, he just said "Hi, I'm Marc." And then people asked him questions.

He talked about working with animals, of course, and he very politely and politically declined several invitations to say anything detrimental about other actors' work.

Seriously, people. Pay attention. He already said he's not going to make any sort of negative comment about anyone else. So don't ask him 3, 4, 800 times!

Jeez. The guy had some patience, I'm tellin' ya. He also talked about (the first movie I ever saw him in, and one of his best, I think) If You Could See What I Hear. And he did the "hawk call," which is just great fun.

But here's what's really cool. Someone asked what work he would like to do that he hadn't yet had the opportunity to do. (Ok, that was me.) And he talked about wanting to do movies with meaning, with feeling--movies that depict a character making life-changing decisions and how he deals with that change in his life.

That really spoke to me. That's what I'm trying to do with my movies! That's why I'm totally crushing on Marc Singer right now.

And that's why I'm totally writing a script for you, Marc! Stay tuned!

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