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Sunday, July 12, 2009

'Nother Hat & Scarf

I know what you're thinking. You're thinking: WTF is up, Patwoman! Another FO? And it's a Christmas gift, finished months in advance? Who are you?

And yes, it is I... uncharacteristically FO-inclined. This is a hat and scarf for another guy on my list (who is not likely to read this, but I won't name him, just in case). It's going to be pretty warm, knit from 100% wool.

The scarf is Lori Law's Tweed Scarf (though, obviously not tweed), knit in Lion Wool in Cocoa. Took 2 skeins to make this 6 footer. I used #9s. I think this would've gone really fast if I had the brain capacity to learn the pattern, but somehow the sequence of knits and purls just escaped me and I had to keep the pattern close by, for reference.

I wanted a hat to go with it, but thought that boxy rib might be too much for it. So I went with a simple 2X2 rib. That took about a skein to make.

I must say, I've been pretty shocked pleased at my organization this year. I may actually get all my Christmas knitting done this year before Christmas.

Wonder what that would feel like?

Friday, July 10, 2009

Cabled Hat


Cabled Hat


Size: 21” head (adult)

Note: The Cable Medallion for this hat came from Melissa Leapman's Cables Untangled.


Size 8 dpns

1 skein Bernat Cashmere (Coal)

Gauge:  4 st = 1”


·         CO:  84 st, join to work in the round.


·         Work 4 rows in K2, P2 rib.


·         Work cable medallion pattern at beginning of each round, finishing round with K2, P2 rib, as established.


Cable Medallion Pattern

C3F = slip 2 st to CN and hold in front, P1, K2 from CN

C3B = slip next st onto cable needle and hold in back, K2, P1 from cable needle

C4F = slip 2 st to CN and hold in front, K2, K2 from CN

C4B = slip 2 st to CN and hold in back, K2, K2 from CN


Row 1: P1; C3B; C3F; P2; C4F, P2, C3B, C3F, P1

Row 2 (and all even rows): K the K stitches and P the P stitches, as they face you.

Row 3: C3B; P2; C3F; C3B; C3F; C3B; P2; C3F

Row 5: K2; P4; C4B; P2; C4B; P4; K2

Row 7: C3F; P2; C3B; C3F; C3B, C3F; P2; C3B

Row 9: P1; C3F; C3B; P2; C4F; P2; C3F; C3B; P1

Row 11: P2; C4F; P2; C3B; C3F; P2; C4F; P2

Row 13: P1; C3B; C3F; C3B; P2; C3F; C3B; C3F; P1

Row 15: C3B; P2; C4B; P4; C4B; p2; C3F

Row 17: K2; P3; K4; P4; K4; P3; K2

Row 19: C3F; P2; C4B; P4; C4B; P2; C3B

Row 21: P1; C3F; C3B; C3F; P2; C3B; C3F; C3B; P1

Row 23: P2; C4F; P2; C3F; C3B; P2; C4F; P2

Row 24: K the K stitches and P the P stitches, as they face you.


·         Work Cable Medallion Pattern once, then continue K2, P2 rib on all stitches until hat is 6” in total length.

·         Begin decrease rounds:

o   K2, P2 together across (63 st)

o   K2, P1 across

o   K2 tog, P1 across (42 st)

o   K across

o   K2 tog across (21 st)

o   K across

o   K2 tog across, end K1 (11 st)

·         Cut yarn and draw through remaining stitches. Tie off and weave in ends.



Thursday, July 09, 2009


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Patwoman’s note: Strangely, I have never even seen this show. But I know exactly what he means by WAH PAH!!! (And I think the sarcasm bit is way off.)

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Happy Anniversary

Yesterday was T & my 25th wedding anniversary! Now, I know what you are thinking. You're thinking, "But Patwoman, you are so young and sexy!How could you have been married for 25 years?"

Well, you know I was was only 12 at the time...

Anyway, 25 years is a big deal, you know. So we had planned to do something special. A weekend trip to Chicago, complete with a champagne dinner cruise. But, things came up and we had to postpone to a later date. So we celebrated last night with dinner out together.

When we got home, R & M had decorated the dining room and E had baked a cake. Check it out. It's a cruise ship.

I almost didn't have the heart to eat it. But, after all, it was cake.

We had a great evening--a "date" for dinner, then family time. I could wax philosphical here, but you know what I mean.

All is good.

Monday, July 06, 2009


Not that kind of blockage. (That's a completely different kind of post!)

I'm talking about the other kind of blockage. You know, finishing work! (I know, what an alien concept in the Patwoman world.) But, you know... Infinite number of monkeys....

So here is a scarf that will be a Christmas gift. I don't want to say who, just in case he happens to see this.
If you look carefully, you can see Achilles in the upper left corner of that pic. He was "helping" me. Believe me. You do not want a cat to help you block. His version of help was a lot of crawling under the towel I was using to protect the table, sliding across the table--moving the cloth, the knitting, everything in the process, and slapping at the spray bottle.

This is knit from Bernat Cashmere in Coal. Check out my earlier posts here and here for the specifics as far as stitches. I used about 2.75 skeins for this scarf, about 6 feet long.

I also did the hat to match. I wanted to incorporate the same cable into the hat somehow, but it's a pretty wide (22 stitches) motif. Instead of going around the hat, I put the motif vertically on the front and then worked the rest of the hat in stockingette stitch, with a 3/4 inch 2X2 ribbing to keep the band stretchy.

One pattern repeat fit very nicely before the decreases. It took a full skein and most of what was left from the scarf. I think he will like this.

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