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Thursday, August 31, 2006

My Knifty Knew...


Okay, it's a scarf. But see how clever I am, with my alliteration? (Alliteration. Yes. I went to college.) I knitted this on my Knifty Knitter. You may remember, I got my Knifty Knitter at GenCon this year.

Okay. That was just a lame excuse to post that Kevin Sorbo pic to my blog again. I apologize.

But I did get the loom in a GenCon SPA Seminar. (GenCon Powers-that-be, please add some more of these activities to next year's catalog! Oh, and try to get Adam West to appear, too.) And I started this scarf during the course of that seminar. I did about 8 inches that first day.

Then, in true Patwoman fashion, I let it sit on the craft table beside my living room chair for a couple of weeks before I picked it up again.

But, I finally picked it back up and finished it up. And let me tell you, this scarf is soft and cuddly. It's made from Red Heart Symphony in Magenta, which is soft and mohairy anyway. Then, the loom makes a very lacy fabric, just because of the guage. And, of course, it's basically just a tube, so the fabric is doubled. All that makes it very pretty and very soft.

So I decided to have my very pretty, very soft kitty model the scarf. I'm planning to knit some mittens to complete this outfit. What do you think the chances are for getting Gracie to let me put those on her?


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