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Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Get It Right

I really hate it when people use the wrong word. I don't mean when they call something red and it's really more maroon. That's fine. I'm not a snob. And I don't mean when their brain's language centers accidentally misfire and they call the neighbor child the wrong name. That happens to everyone. I mean when someone calls something the absolutely wrong thing because they just don't care to get it right.

For example, I continually see stories in the media about crafters. There will be a photo of the crafter, crochet hook in hand, and the story will use the words "knit," "crochet," and "sew" interchangeably. I suppose I should be happy that this kind of story gets any coverage in the mainstream media. (It's not a sensational spurned-love murder story, after all.) But, come on. That's just bad journalism.

I can only assume the person who wrote the story did not ask the question "What is that craft you're doing called?" Or, if they did, they didn't ask a follow-up question like, "Crochet? Is that the same thing as quilting?" The fact that they didn't ask these questions says they just don't care to get it right.

That's just bad journalism.

Would the same reporter write a story about football and call the quarterback the center? Would they write a story about a dog show and call the dog owners zookeepers? Would they write an article about cake baking and call it bbq?

It just bothers me, as a former journalist and a current crafter.


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