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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I'm Dyeing Again

I decided to take a quick break from some of the things I'm working on to dye some more yarn. So here is another hank from that same unraveled sweater I used for the previous two dye experiments.

It's about 200 yards, I'd say. I was wrapping it around a box lid to make this big loop, and counting the number of times I wrapped it, hoping that would give me a good idea of how much yarn was here.

But then I lost count. So, I'm really just guessing.

I'm using Easter Egg dyes from the same kit as before. But this time, I'm using the liquid dyes. I'm hoping for a more even distribution of color. I also doubled up on the dyes, for more intense color. So, two packs of blue and two packs of purple, in the same amount of water.

I didn't do anything special here, just poured the blue on one half and the purple on the other. I probably should have looked at this picture, though, because when I was pouring in the dye, it really looked different. Both of these colors were more blue. I guess the camera doesn't lie, though.

This yarn came out better than my previous attempts, I think. The colors are more intense and all the yarn is coated in color. There is less mixing of the colors than before (although, I'm not opposed to mixing at all and think it's usually great). These colors seem to be split definitively. And the liquid color seems to dye more evenly.

I'm putting this one in the success category.


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