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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Patwoman Goes Goodwill Hunting

Yes, after not being able to walk for two months, I finally went to Goodwill today with M! Yay!

Feels good to not be wearing the knee brace. Feels good to be able to bend my knee (a little, a least, enough to walk without too much of a limp). Feels good to be able to tie my own shoes, to put on my pants without laying them on the floor first, to bend over enough to shave my legs, to be able to sit on the toilet without dropping the last 4 inches to the seat.

Too much information?

It was nice. After I left work at 4:30, M and I went to GW, although I didn't see anything that was screaming to be bought. (I'm looking for a Spirograph set, mainly.) We went to dinner, then to Michael's (where I got some more cake decorating supplies) and then to Joann (where I bought even more cake decorating supplies). Did I mention, M and I signed up to take another cake decorating course?

And we went to Half Price Books, where I spent a great deal of time looking at books. That's actually kind of unusual for me, since I have been buying all my books on Kindle for a couple of years now. I didn't buy anything--not because I didn't want anything, but because the checkout line was a little long and by this time, my knee was getting extremely tired and shaky. I had worked all day and then went out shopping, remember? And this knee has been in a brace for two months. So, it was just a little overdone, I think.

Still, it was an enjoyable day and I'm hoping to be able to do a little more next week.


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