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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Patwoman Has Balls

No way am I passing that one up.

So, remember when I dyed that yarn I reclaimed from a wool sweater? Well, I decided to go ahead and wind it up into balls.

Now, I'd like to show you some nice, even yarn cakes like you get at the yarn store. But that ain't gonna happen. I guess you can tell your old friend Patwoman doesn't own a ball winder.

Still, this method works ok. It's just not particularly pretty. (Unless you are fond of yarn footballs. Then, it's exceptional!)

I don't have a nosteprine, either. But that's okay. I use a size 50 needle. Those things are good for more than making a scarf in 40 minutes! Check it out.

I like the color of this one so much. It's so vivid. I had a dream once that I was talking to a dragonfly (Don't judge. It was a dream, remember?) and it had wings this color. Iridescent green and blue wings.

I didn't get the yarn coated enough in this batch. You can see a lot of white. However, I've decided I kind of like the way that looks. It looks floral. We'll see what it looks like knitted up, though. I think this one needs a lace project.

I've got a ton of yarn left to dye, if I ever get some time to actually do it. And I have a bunch of dyes. I think I'm going to try some double-strength dyes and go for a deeper color on one batch.

I'd like to see a deep blue color throughout the whole skein. What do you think?


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