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Saturday, May 04, 2013

Shopping Trip - Michael's Sale!

As you know, Gentle Reader, I have been anxious to get back to some of my old, pre-knee injury activities. I'm particularly missing my shopping trips to Michael's, Joann, and Goodwill. And, even though I've been to Michael's once a week since this happened for my cake class, I have not been able to give the yarn section of the store the attention it deserves before now.

But the knee is doing better. I hardly limp at the start of the day, in fact. It does get a little tired in the evening, though. But today, I was able to travel the entire Michael's store without stopping for a break. (I'm either getting better, or getting stronger at limping. Ha!)

Ah, Michael's yarn department. My old friend. How I've missed you. And what is that? What do you have for me today? A sale?

Aw. You shouldn't have.

And I shouldn't have, either. But I did go a little crazy with the yarn. Damn you Michael's for getting even larger baskets and placing them strategically near the yarn!

I'm justifying most of it by saying it was too good a deal to pass up. Although, really, I'm justifying to myself, because T is the biggest enabler in the world. When I couldn't decided on which color Patons Lace I wanted, he just put all of these in the basket.

His justification is "It makes you happy." Of course, he did have a great time of it, mocking me with comments like "Why are you pretending this is going to end any other way? Just put it in the basket." And "If you don't get it, I will. This is my yarn. Don't try and use it for any of your projects."

Here's a secret. I am going to use it.

So, you've seen the Lace. I also got this Bernat Mosaic in Ninja,

and some Red Heart Boutique Treasure in Portrait,

and this yarn, which I'd never seen before, but it's totally awesome. It's Loops & Threads Woodlands in Canyon Clay.

I also picked up the jingle bells I've needed to put in my Christmas ornaments.

And T obviously needs more cowbell.


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