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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Googly Eyes

Okay, so the product is actually called Google Glass. I think that's a marketing mistake. I think you'd attract more buyers to your product with a fun name like Googly Eyes.

But that's just me.

In case you don't know what it is, Google has developed a camera/human interface that is totally freakin' awesome. You wear the glasses and you can record what you see. (Come on, how many times have you wanted to do that?) You can take pictures, take video, or do other things like get directions, get translations, get other information. Star Trek stuff, people!

Google isn't having any trouble finding people to want their ill-named product, trust me. NPH has it. Alyssa Milano has it. LeVar Burton has it. Kevin Smith has it. Even freakin' Newt Gingrich has it. They all applied to and were invited to test Google Glass.

They didn't invite me to participate, just so you know. That might be because I don't wear my actual glasses, as it is. Or, it might be because I didn't apply. Who knows? They're missing out, though. Imagine how terrifying exciting it would be to drive along with me wearing those glasses! Haha! Good times!

Of course, I kid. But I am excited about this. So many practical uses. As a teaching device. As a reference medium. As an art form. As an entertainment mechanism.

And, speaking of entertainment... I have no doubt the porn industry is developing its own Googly Eyes. (What will they call it? Google Ass?) I'm not advocating porn, mind you. But there's a lot of money in that business and, as long as there's a way for the industry to make money from the technology, they're perfectly willing to put money into the research.

Don't believe me? Once upon a time, streaming video was nothing. Something only a few techies used before the porn industry decided the technology was something they could use.

I rest my case.

The sad thing is, they'll actually put more money into new tech than governments will. Hm. I wonder if we can convince them it would be sexy to amp up the space program again?


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