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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Another FO!

Here's the back story: A while back, M and I saw this beautiful yarn at Michael's. It was a velvety soft chenille with fur pompoms. Not real fur, of course. Fake fur that looks like real fur. It's one of Red Heart's Boutique yarns and it's called Chic.

But it was expensive--$10 is a lot for 60 yds of a novelty yarn that you have no idea what you will do with. And I have tons of yarn, anyway. So I didn't buy it.

But then, one day I found it on clearance at Michael's for $3. So, yeah. I bought it. And I knitted it up, using the pattern on the inside of the label. This color is called Ebony. Here's a close up of the pompoms.

This yarn is soft and cuddly and just beautiful. I had no problems working with it at all and I would make a dozen scarves out of this... If someone else would detangle it for me.

Sweet Maby Jaby! I took the label off. Took the little string ties off. And OMG! Where is the beginning? It's nowhere! How am I supposed to ball this up if I can't find the freakin' end?

This yarn is black! Ebony is black, did you know that? Black yarn on black yarn. I can't see anything! Aaaaarrrggh! WHERE IS THE END?!

Oh. Okay. There it is. And it only took me 20 minutes to get to it. Yay.

All balled up, this yarn kind of looks like a Tribble.

But, once I got down to the actual knitting, it went really quickly. I used the pattern on the label, which is an alternating stockinette block and garter strip, but I think it would look just fine knitted in straight garter stitch. The big visual attraction is the pompoms, which end up randomly interspersed.

The pattern is called "Knits, Purls, & Pom-Poms Scarf." It's on Red Heart's website. The only change I made was that I went down to a #13 needle size, since I tend to knit on the loose side.

This will go in the Christmas Box for M.


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