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Monday, April 15, 2013

Some People Never Learn

Or maybe they just don't believe what people say until they test it out themselves.

Case in point: My knee. Sure, everyone has told me I need to stay off it. Sure, everyone has told me the recovery time would be weeks. Sure, everyone has told me not to try and rush it.

But what do they know? That advice may be true for ordinary people, but I'm Patwoman. If an ordinary person would be down for a month, I should be able to walk around in a week, right?

Plus, I have my cake decorating class, which I love. And I really want to go to. And, so what if it is all the way in the back of the Michael's store? That's really not that far to walk, right?

WRONG. It's far enough to feel like forever. Seriously. The exertion on my non-injured right leg was almost too much. I was pretty glad to be sitting for the next two hours. Except, of course, sitting means slouched in the chair with my left leg extended straight and resting on my purse to keep it from bending. Oh yeah. That's comfort.

Still, it was a fun class and I'm very happy with my cake. Even better, M is taking the class with me, so that automatically makes it even more fun.

Our assignment this week was to make and decorate a cake. I made a white cake with raspberry filling and white buttercream frosting. Mmmmmm.

Raspberry filling on my torted cake.

Frosting on top.

Then on the sides.

Here's a neat trick. We put paper towels on top of the frosted cake and smoothed out the surface.

Looks like fondant + tastes like buttercream = winning!

We practiced doing this:

So I did this:

You might notice that some of my leaves look a little funky. It's because I was accidentally using the wrong tip for about half of those leaves. And I was going to do some little pink flowers on the tree, but I ran out of time. I just pretended this was what I had planned to do. Don't tell anyone.

M did a better job at hers. She made the entire world.

But, I ate my cake anyway.


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