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Saturday, April 06, 2013

Patwoman Learns Cake Decorating, Part 1

M and I signed up for a Wilton Cake Decorating class at Michael's. Our first class was today. It was a little hard for me to sit at the table for two hours with my jacked up knee, but I did okay.

How was the class? Let me say, I love buttercream frosting. Love it. And I ate all my practice stars. So yeah. The class was freakin' awesome!

We learned the basics--how to mix the frosting, level the cake, fill the bag--stuff that was not a surprise to anyone in the class. Then, the last half of the class, we got to eat practice using the frosting. First, we made stars on our practice boards. You can see mine got a little better as I went.

Then, we used the star tip to decorate a cookie. I made this butt for T.

Here it is, upside down. It kind of looks like a heart this way, doesn't it?

Next week's class is an actual cake. (That escalated quickly, didn't it?) Probably not a good time to be on a diet.


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