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Friday, April 05, 2013

Jacked My Knee

I don't want to believe in the theory of Observer Physics. I don't mean the actual observation techniques used in physics experiments and the recorded effects, which is a real thing. I mean the New Age belief that we can change what happens or cause things to happen, just by saying something or expecting something to happen.

I don't want to believe it.

But sometimes, The Forces of the Universe have to let me know that they are listening. And that they hate me.

Listen, remember how I broke my toe last summer? And I've been struggling with it ever since? Pain, inflexibility, can't wear heels? Well, the other day, I said--out loud. Never say anything out loud that you don't want The Forces of the Universe to hear--that I thought my toe was finally healing and that I might be able to wear heels again soon.

About two minutes after that, I bent to pick something up off the floor. When I stood, my left knee felt like someone stabbed it with a hot, rusty knife. Stabbed it and then twisted it. I caught myself before I fainted, with the edge of a table, luckily.

I say luckily, because the store was closing at that moment. As I struggled to remain conscious, tears streaming my face, about a dozen customers packed up all around me and left for the night. Without noticing my pain. So, I say luckily, because I'm sure if I'd fallen, they might have just stepped over me.

Anyway. Now I have a knee brace. And the dream of heeled shoes is only a fantasy, still.


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